Zoom Server Logs

Zoom provides a number of different logs to track and diagnose issues with the Zoom Server. Below is a reference of how to access the different logs Zoom provides on the Zoom Server and how to configure the granularity of logs.

The following log files are available for troubleshooting on the Zoom Server or Preview Server:

Note due to log rotation the latest log file is <log-file-name>.0


  • audit_log: Log of every action done by users in the system – [ZoomServerDir]/logs/audit_log.*
  • previewdog_log: Log file for watchdog that starts up the preview-server. This log is useful for troubleshooting when the preview server is not starting – [ZoomServerDir]/logs/previewdog_log 
  • preview_log: Log for preview-server service – [ZoomServerDir]/logs/preview_log.*
  • server_log: Log for Zoom Server service – [ZoomServerDir]/logs/server_log.*
  • watchdog_log: Log for Zoom Server watchdog that starts the Zoom Server. This log is useful for troubleshooting when the Zoom Server is not starting. – [ZoomServerDir]/logs/watchdog_log

Increasing Log Sensitivity

  • In your preferred web browser, go to Web Management Console ex. http://zoom-server:8443 or https://zoom-server:9443
  • Log in using your admin credentials.
  • In the left sidebar, click on Current Configuration in Logs Management under the Server section.
  • Under Select Log level, set the level of your log settings. Default: INFO
  • For more information please see this article. 

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