Logs Management in Zoom

In Zoom 6.0 and above, the various logs related to zoom, curator and preview servers will be available in a tab named “Log Browser” in Log Management tab of Webmin and Log Management Tab of Z-Settings dialog.

Zoom Server-Side Log Management :

Log Browser Tab in Zoom Server
Log Browser Tab in Zoom Server

Panel Components :

  1. Select Logs Files Section: Drop-down menu options for selection of logs files are given here.
    1. Select Log Server – This drop down is used for selection of which server’s logs user want to browse, for example here in the picture below we have 2 preview servers, 1 curator server, and the zoom server.
      Different Servers are available here to browse logs files of.

      By default “Zoom Server” will be the selected one.

    2. Select Log Files – In each selected server, there can be multiple logs files of different usage and different formats, like an example of files are given below :
      Different Logs Files available in the selected server – Zoom Server here.

      By default, there will not be any selection. For downloading logs multiple selections are possible but for browsing only one is allowed.

    3. Select Severity – This drop down is used for selecting the severity of logs user want to browse. By default, it is “ALL”.
      Different Severity levels available in logs, to browse logs of a particular severity only.
  2. Selected Logs Section: Selected Logs are shown here. In the example given in the pic, as Log Severity is selected as Info, thus only Info logs of the selected log file is coming in the Selected Logs Section.
    Selected “INFO” Logs of the Server Log File of Zoom Server.


  3. Top Section: This section includes buttons which performs certain actions when clicked.
    1. Reset – This button resets the selected values of each drop down and also clears the selected logs browser section.
    2. Show Logs – This button shows the logs of the selected log file with selected log severity of the selected server.
      Selected Logs of Audit Log File of Zoom Server.
    3. Download – This button zips the selected logs files of the selected server and downloads it on the user’s system.
      Download multiple Log Files of selected server.


 Notes :-

  • In zoom server logs browsing, only for specific format types files selecting severity option is available. For others, it gets disabled and get fixed as “ALL”.
  • For now, only single log file browsing is available. For multiple files it shows a warning prompting to change your selection.

Zoom Client Side Log Management :

On Client Side also, Log Management Tab is made available for downloading the selected log files.

Log Management Tab in Z-Settings Dialog

Panel Components :

  1. Select Logs Category DropDown – Drop Down for selecting which category of log files user want to download.
    Select Logs Category Drop Down List
  2. Select Logs Files – This list shows all the log files available in the selected logs category.
    Select Logs Files from list of Selected Log Category.
  3. Download Selected Logs Button – To download the selected logs files in a zip at the user’s selected location.
    Downloaded Selecting Hot Folder Log File.
  4. Download All Logs – To download all logs in a zip at user’s selected location.

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