How-to: Preview Server Cache Settings via Zoom Web Management Console

To configure preview cache settings:

  1. Log in to your Zoom Web Management portal via browser at http://<yourZoomServerIPAddress>:8443.
  2. From the Admin Menu, select Server Control Panel under System
  3. Open Review Server settings, then select the Cleanup Settings tab, and then edit the preview cache settings as desired


 From Zoom 6.0 and above, Additional cleanup options and Zoom Server Host settings have been added to the Review Server settings dialog.





cleanFrequencyInDayscleaning frequency in number of Days 
cleanFrequencyHoursIn hours like 0-23
cleanFrequencyMinutesIn minutes like 0-59 minutes


  1. Above three parameters control the cleaning schedule of cache. For e.g If cleanFrequencyMinutes is set to 1, the cache clean up is scheduled in every 1 minute after the execution of previous clean up task. Default is 1 day
  2. One can use all three parameters at a time. For e.g. cleanFrequencyInDays=1 and cleanFrequencyHours=3, would mean next day + 3 hours OR 1day=24hours + 3 hours = 27hours. So, that means cache would be cleaned in 27hours
  3. If all these values are 0, then no cleaning will happen.


maxAllowedCacheSizeInGBMaximum preview server cache size. This is the size preview server can go up to. If 0, then no cleaning will ever happen
diskFreeThresholdPercentageRun cleanup, If free disk space falls below given percentage. Default is 10
cacheCleanThresholdPercentageClean cache if it more than given percentage of total allowed cache size. For e.g if maxAllowedCacheSizeInGB is 10GB, and if this parameter is 80, then cleanup will happen when cache size is in between 80% of maxAllowedCacheSizeInGB.


In the example provided, the preview server is configured to clean up preview server cache if it exceeds 80% of 5 GB. The clean frequency occurs every 1 hour which means the that the server will check if the cacheThresholdPercentage has been breached once every hour.


cleanFilesOlderByPreview server cleans previews which are older than given time frame. It can be in days or hours. Default values is 0, means never clean up old filesThe second field provided is for the time unit of above parameter. In can be in DAYS or HOURS(in upper case only)
cleanAllOlderFilesIf checked, then whenever cleanup requires, preview server will cleanup  all of the older files. Irrespective of that whether their cleaning will help in reducing cache size or not.
 From Zoom 6.0 and above, the option cleanAllOlderFiles is no longer supported.

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