Create A Custom Media Converter For CR2 Files

The necessary files for this process are available from the Evolphin Support team upon request. The following steps should be run by the evolphin user.
  1. Download the files cr2-converter.xml and cr2-converter.tar.bz2
  1. Extract cr2-converter.tar.bz2 to /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/
  2. Open Terminal and run the following command under this directory: chmod +x
  3. Test the converter by running an instance of the .sh file
  4. Open the Zoom Web Management Console
  5. Navigate to Media Converter and open Manage Converters
  6. Select Import From XML and paste the contents of cr2-converter.xml on the blank space provided. A new converter with the necessary configuration will be created
  7. Navigate to Default Converters in the Admin Menu, select Set New Default Media Converter and fill out the required fields, File Extension, and Media Converter Name, with CR2 and CR2 Preview Extractor respectively

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