Zoom Indexer provides a way of maintaining assets outside the Zoom repository, while still being able to reference them using proxies. (Refer to setup details here). For a growing set of assets present in a source location, we may want to continue indexing newly added assets periodically even after the completion of the initial indexing. Re-indexer eases this job by looking only for files which are not already indexed to zoom and initiates indexing only for those files. Re-indexer can also be set to run as a cron job, so that when files are being added periodically to any source it will be synced to zoom without any manual effort.

Re-indexer is not part of the generic Zoom installation. This must be purchased separately. Please contact our sales team for details. 

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip re-indexer package to /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy
  • Configure /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/re-indexer/conf/config.ini
  • Create a directory zmDiscovery under a shared location accessible by both re-indexer and zoom server machine
  • Install required perl modules
  • To automate re-indexer, setup a cron job to re-index. To create a cron job follow instructions in “Creating a Cron Job” section


Config Help

ZOOMSERVER serverURL = Zoom server host and port
  webminURL = Zoom web management console host and port
  serverUsername = admin Zoom username
  serverPassword = admin Zoom Password for the username configured above
RE-INDEXER-ARGUMENTS input = /home/evolphin/SourceFiles-Migration Source files root location
  remotePath = /defproj Project path to which files should be migrated
  nativeFilePathMetadataProperty = ZPIG_Native File Path Metadata field to indicate the location of source file
  dirToCreatesLinkForNewFiles = /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/Indexer/staging1 Directory used by Indexer which will host the symlinks of source files to migrate
  networkShareLocalPath = /mnt/zoom/share/zmDiscovery Path to network share in re-indexer machine. It should be a network share accessible by both re-indexer and zoom-server
  networkShareRemotPath = /mnt/zoom/share/zmDiscovery Path to network share in zoom server machine. It should be a network share accessible by both re-indexer and zoom-server
  reportCSVFile = /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/re-indexer/re-indexer.csv  Path to re-indexer report
  pathToIndexer = /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/Indexer/  Path to Indexer script























If you decide to not use a cron job to run Re-indexer, you can run it manually using the following command:

nohup ./>nohup.out


 Creating a Cron Job

Type the below command in terminal to edit the crontab file

    [evolphin@localhost ~]$ crontab -e

 In the editor that opens up, add the below crontab line, save and quit

    0 0 * * * /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/re-indexer/


The crontab line added above contains 6 fields described below in the order of occurrence

minute hour day month day-of-week command-line-to-execute

The above example will run /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/re-indexer/ at 12 AM daily.

Setting Up Re-Indexer for Multiple Sources

As different source sub-paths may have to be re-indexed at different intervals, we may have to setup independent cron jobs for each of them. In order to run different instances of the re-indexer for different sub-paths, please follow the steps below: 

  • Replicate Indexer and Re-Indexer installation (the scripts / libs / config files etc.) in a new location for every new season to be re-indexed
  • Follow installation steps and config setup as described in Indexer Setup and Re-Indexer Setup
  • Create a new cron job for every new season to be re-indexed. To add a new cron job, keep adding the crontab line corresponding to the job one below the other
You will have to have as many instances of the re-indexer script as the number of sub-paths that need to be periodically re-indexed. Each instance of the re-indexer will handle re-indexing of a single sub-path, and will be controlled by its own set of config parameters, with its own work-space (in terms of staging areas etc.) 

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