FAQ – Client Archive/S3 Hub

Issue: On MacOS the EJH Client Hub doesn’t start up

In some installations on MacOS Catalina+, the Hub’s client folder owner permissions gets configured as root causing the hub to not start up as the current logged-in user doesn’t have ownership of the folder:

$HOME/Library/Application Support/Evolphin/ejh


Using Terminal

If you are conversant with terminal commands, you can open up the Mac terminal app and fix it:

$ sudo chown -R ${USER}:staff $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Evolphin/ejh

Using the App

If you prefer to double click and run this app that automatically executes the above action, please download and unzip this app and then simply double click it. It will prompt for your Mac password and then update the permissions:

Once the permissions are fixed please try to start the app from: