Authentication failed error with remote Hot Folder settings


Can not save Push Settings for remote Hot Folder to a Headless Server

When you try to save push settings for remote hot folder via the Z -> Settings menu option, you can get the following error:


The user-name for remote hot folder ingest cannot be the same as the user-name used to authenticate to the local Z->Settings session on the computer from which you are trying to push remote hot folder settings.


In the “Authenticate Import” section, make sure the user-name is not the same name as the user-name you will use to browse the remote destination folder in the next screen.

For example, if the user-name below is set to “hotfolder” then the user name in the next screen should not be “hotfolder“. To verify check the Z menu for the current logged in user-name, it should not be displaying “hotfolder” on the local computer, you are using to push the remote hot folder settings.

Ensure the user-name here is not “hotfolder“:

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