File Content Search (Zoom 5.x)

File Content Search or Full-Text Search (FTS) Configuration

File content search or Full-text search is implemented as a separate service running in conjunction with the Zoom server and the Preview Server. This process is designated as the Curator. The Curator server internally communicates with an Apache Solr instance to which the content indexing and searching are delegated. Given here are the steps to configure full-text search from Zoom.

For the first time when installing the Curator Server

  1. Manually edit the server xml‘s FTS section on both the Zoom machine and the Curator machine
  2. Start the Curator Service
  3. Start/Restart Zoom Service
  4. Configure the FTS config parameters as per requirements from the Server Control Panel in the web-based admin console.

Starting the Curator Service

    Linux Machine:
  • Copy the present in the bin directory inside the Zoom installation directory
  • Paste this file in /etc/init.d/ directory on the Linux machine
  • Rename the file to solr-server
  • Restart the Machine
  • Now Solr Service can be treated as other Zoom Services, with the following commands on the Linux terminal :
    • Service solr-server status (Check the status of Solr Service)
    • Service solr-server start (Start the Solr Service)
    • Service solr-server restart (Restart Solr Service)
    • Service solr-server stop (Stop the Solr Service)
    Windows Machine:
  • From the Command Prompt, go to the bin directory inside the Zoom installation directory
  • The Solr Service can be controlled using the following commands:
    • solrserver install (Install Solr as a service)
    • solrserver start (Start the Solr service)
    • solrserver stop (Stop the Solr service)
    • solrserver restart (Restart the Solr service)
    • solrserver remove (Uninstall Solr as a service)
After the install command on Windows, Solr Service will be available with the other Zoom services in the Task Manager
If there is an Access Denied Error on Windows, try running the Command Prompt as Administrator
Solr as a service in Windows or Mac is currently not provided by default in the Present Release


FTS Management with Web-Based Admin Console

sample url: localhost:8443/jsp/index.jsp

The configurable parameters and what they signify:

  • Enable FTS: Specify whether FTS has to be enabled or not.
  • Host: Curator Server Machine Host (Default: “localhost”)
  • Port: The port on which the Curator Server runs (Default: 8983)
  • LogLevel: The  Log Level to be used for Curator Logs (Default: “INFO”)
  • SolrDataDir: Path of the Solr DB Directory on the Curator Server machine where the Indexing information of the files imported in the Asset Browser is stored. (Default: “Zoom _Installation_Directory/db/solr-db” )

The Solr Data Dir cannot be changed if not empty – that is, it cannot be changed after the first file got indexed successfully.

  • SolrBaseContext: (Default: “/solr”)
  • CuratorEndPoint: (Default: “/curator”)
  • ZoomEndPoint: (Default: “/zoom/solr”)

Whenever a new change is submitted in the FTS Configuration from the web-based admin console -> Server Control Panel, the submitted details are first sent to Curator from Zoom to be verified, they are saved only when they are acceptable.

The communication between Zoom and Curator to establish the correctness of input parameters could be slow on certain set-ups.


Currently Supported Languages

Zoom supports file content searching in the following languages currently:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Even multi-lingual files containing texts from all the three languages are supported.

Control Over Supported FileTypes

The file-types for which indexing and searching ought to be available are all listed in the present in the conf folder in the zoom Installation Directory.

Admins can add any file-type extension in this file to enable indexing for that file-type. Removing an entry from this properties file will cause that file-type to be excluded from indexing further on.

Indexing of the file formats JSON, CSV and XML are currently not supported.


Partial Search

On searching for a particular word, all files containing the input word in full or as part of another word will be returned as matches.

Search for “data” will fetch files containing “data”, “metadata”, “undatable” etc.

Phrase Search or Exact Match Search

To search for an exact phrase or word, enclose it with ” “.

List of Supported Special Characters for Full Text Search

. ` ! @ # $ _ – = | ; ‘ > ~ ^ * ? ( ) { } [ ] : , <

List of Unsupported Special Characters for Full Text Search

% & + / \ “


Advanced Configuration

If you encounter PERFORMANCE WARNING error a lot, you can increase the number in your maxWarmingSearchers, but that is risky to do unless you are confident you have the system resources (RAM, CPU, etc…) to do it safely.

Update the count <maxWarmingSearchers>2</maxWarmingSearchers> of   /conf/solr-core/ID/conf/solrconfig.xml file inside the Zoom installation directory.

If you encounter out of memory exception then increase the Heap Size in /conf/Solr-Server.conf inside Zoom Installation Directory. here 2g represents 2GB RAM, increase this value accordingly.

For release 5.5.1 just make sure that your Zoom Server restart frequency and cookie expiry frequency are same.
update Server Control Panel Webmin Settings:
Automatic Server Restart Settings – Restart Frequency  
Security Settings – Automatic Logout Time


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