Issuing search queries to the Zoom database

While the Asset Browser provides robust search capabilities for users, administrators can sometimes find that this doesn’t meet their needs. We have developed a JavaServer Pages tool to be used in conjunction with the Web Management Console in order to help administrators retrieve metrics that they can then migrate to a format of their choosing.

Note that you will need to contact Evolphin Support for assistance as this command requires a file not available in a regular Zoom deployment.

Setting Up The JavaServer Pages File

Copy the repo-stats.jsp file to /web/app/webmin/jsp/repo/ under your Zoom installation folder.

Running The JavaServer Pages Call

Make sure there is an open session of the Web Management Console in your browser.

In a new browser tab, type the following command and replace the default values with your company’s: http://zm-server:8443/jsp/repo/repo-stats.jsp?input=java&print-paths=true&skip-purged=false&project=trimmer&extensions=true.

inputThe file extension or any string that a user is looking for.
projectThe project name to restrict lookup within it; if not specified, will search through out the repo.
skip-purgedSpecify as false if you want to include purged fuids also; default is true. 
print-pathsSpecify as true if you want to print the full repo paths of the matching fuids; it is false by default. 
extensionsSpecify as false if you want to search anywhere in the file name; the default setting is true and will only try to match the input string as file extension.

JSP Call 1: http://localhost:8443/jsp/repo/repo-stats.jsp?input=java

JSP Call 2: http://localhost:8443/jsp/repo/repo-stats.jsp?input=java&print-paths=true&skip-purged=false&project=trimmer&extensions=true

Sample output for JSP Call 2:

251: /trimmer/
205: /trimmer/
249: /trimmer/
252: /trimmer/
206: /trimmer/
250: /trimmer/
204: /trimmer/
207: /trimmer/
Count of assets with input pattern: 8

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