Export list of users in a Project

This article explains, how to export the list of users present in some projects.

Web-based Approach

  1. Log into Zoom Web Management Console. For e.g. Goto URL: http://zoom-server:8443

    Note: The above example URL may differ for you. Use your Zoom server URL.
  2. Note: You need to log in as admin or some user who has admin permissions.
  3. Open the new tab in the same browser.
  4. Enter the URL:
    http://localhost:8443/jsp/project/prjusr-json.jsp?project= “<Type Your Project Name Here>”
  5. For E.g. If you are interested in users inside project “XYZ”, then enter the URL:
  6. It will display the results in JSON format.
  7. Copy the JSON result. Now you can paste this result in some text file.
  8. Then you can use any online JSON to Excel tool to convert this data to excel format.


  1. On Mac Open: Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.app
  2. Type command: zm -s http://localhost:8880 getusers -p
  3. Press Enter.
Note:  The above command will print the users on the command line. You can fill in those names to an excel sheet.
Note:  You have to fill in your Zoom server and project name you are interested in the above command.

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