Auto task or Auto Checkout not running on a Windows Server


Zoom server is installed on Microsoft Windows and autotask or autoco is not running properly.


Zoom Windows Service LogOn user often does not have permission to write into system controlled folders.

Solution 1: Simple approach

  • Add  tag to [DAM]/conf/wrapper.conf.
    The following steps will explain how to add tag in wrapper.conf.

      1. Open wrapper.conf from [DAM]/conf/ and search for “” tag.
      2. Add “” tag just under “” tag. Check the following screenshots to see where to add this tag.  123 wrapper.conf_after
      3. Save the changes.
      4. Start the Zoom Server services.                                                                    


Solution 2: More involved approach

  • Change the user account from which Zoom server starts, if Zoom server runs as Local System Account.
    The following steps will explain how to change the Zoom server Logon user.

    We recommend following the same steps to change the Zoom Preview Server Logon user.
      1. Open windows services( Run command: services.msc).
      2. Check if Zoom server is running as Local System Account or not. If Zoom server is running as local system account then following the below given steps.
      3. Stop the Zoom server.
      4. If Auto Checkout is enabled:
        1. Goto location: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile
        2. Copy the .zm directory and paste it in the home directory to another user from which you want to start the Zoom server. Typically user’s home directory would present in C:\Users\<username>
      5. Open Zoom service properties by doing right click on “Zoom Service”.
      6. Goto to “Log On” tab and change from “Local System account” to “This account“. Provide valid username and password. This username must be the same user in which you have copied the .zm directory above in step 4.2. See attached screen shot:

        Change Log On User
        Change Log On User        
Users must try Solution 1 first, if it fails to resolve the issue then only go to Solution 2.

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