Additional Preview Cleanup Options


As of Zoom 6.0, new options have been added to preview server cleanup settings.

  1. DO_NOT_CLEAN_FUIDS: This option will skip the original asset source file from the cleanup. In other words, original asset file will not be deleted by cleanup process.
  2. DO_NOT_CLEAN_PREVIEWS: Do not delete any preview file. Generated previews will never be deleted.
  3. DEFAULT: the Cleanup process will decide based on file size and their usage.

To setup follow  the instructions below

Editing from Zoom Web Management Console

  1. On the sidebar, click Server Control Panel
  2. Click Review Server Settings
  3. Switch to tab Cleanup Settings
  4. Select the value from the Additional cleanup options drop-down list.


Editing the preview-server.xml

  1. In Windows Services, stop the Zoom Preview Server  (Only if preview server is configured to run on the same machine as the zoom server) service. For information on how to restart/stop, refer to Starting and Stopping Zoom Services (Windows)
  2. Open preview server xml file named as preview-server.xml from [DAM]/conf/ .
  3. Search and identify the <additionalCleanupOption> tag.
  4. Set its value to DO_NOT_CLEAN_FUIDS.
  5. You can replace data by any of the above mentioned 3 options.
  6. Save the preview-server.xml file.
  7. In Windows Services, Start the Zoom Preview Server service.


From Zoom 6.0, the following fields have been removed from the preview-server.xml file
cleanAllOderFiles, cleanYoungFilesIfRequired, cleanOnStartUp

For Test purpose:

To check whether your selected option is working or not

  1. In Windows Services, stop the Zoom Preview Server
  2. Edit preview-server.xml from [DAM]/conf/ .

  3. Search for the <dryRun> tag under the <cacheCleaningRules> section and set to true.

  4. Search for the <verboseLevel> tag under the <cacheCleaningRules> section, and set to 1.

  5. Search for the <maxAllowedCacheSizeInGB> tag and set the value to 1.

    You preview cache directory size should be of 1GB or more in order for cleanup to run.
  6. Save the preview-server.xml file.

  7. In Windows Services, Start the Zoom Preview Server service.

  8. Check the preview_log for the information.

    dryRun option will not delete any cache entry. To be on the safer side, backup your cache directory
  9. After testing is done, follow the same steps and restore all the values.

These settings can be done from the Zoom Web Management Console.

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