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Zoom 6.0.0 Release Notes


Release Date: 21 Oct 2016

Zoom 6.0.0-RELEASE is a full release consisting of Linux and Windows servers and Windows and Mac Clients.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Faceted search, a cool new search enhancement is available now. This lets users drill down to their desired result set in an intuitive and easy way. (Faceted Search)
  • Search has been made much faster now, with the use of a dedicated indexing and searching engine (Curator). 
  • Zoom administrators can now edit their metadata schema from the web-based admin console. (Metadata Editor)
  • Zoom users can now download all Zoom-related log files from either the web-based admin portal (for server-side logs) or from their Z-Settings interface (for client-side logs). (Logs Browser)
  • Workflow Task Manager has now been incorporated into the Visual Asset Browser for seamless user experience between Versioning operations and Workflow operations. 
  • Zoom Lightbox creators are now given the option to configure when the lightbox could be deleted thereby helping remove the clutter of unused lightboxes in Visual Approval tool; creators can also pen a separate message to the recipients that will get included in the notification e-mail. This same functionality is also made available for the Unrestricted Lightboxes (custom feature available only for select customers). 
  • Zoom now offers the ability to customize various messages in the product at the customer end. This lets Zoom administrators add context-sensitive or localized messages specifically suited to their deployment and as well as explore additional branding opportunities. (Message Customizations). 
  • Configuring separate default checkout locations for different servers is now possible. (Server / WC Settings)
  • New enhancements are available on the VideoFx module to make flow decisions based on folder / file patterns as well as based on size of the assets; also available is the ability to extract information about the source files location and associate the details to the Zoom asset as metadata. 
  • Support for an intuitive search syntax has been added in the Visual Asset Browser; this can launch powerful queries without having to setup the parameters from the Advanced Search UI options. (Intuitive Search Syntax)
  • Visual Asset Browser now supports a pure list view without thumbnails
  • Time code search is now possible in the video previews from the Asset Browser
  • Users will now have the ability to setup scripts that can be executed on the client machines similar to Auto-tasks (which run on the server). This offers a powerful framework to build various additional enhancements specific to deployments and their sub-functions. (Client-side Automation)
  • Zoom Adobe plugins now have a separate “Links” tab that shows all the links of the current open document. Following is the list of some of the features available in the links tab (details here):
    • A configurable set of metadata properties are shown for the linked files in this tab. 
    • If a linked file has newer changes on the repository, an indicator icon shows up and enables users to sync with the server from right inside the panel
    • In VideoFx module the Adobe document’s link could be switched between hi-res / low-res / mid-res assets. 
    • Users can open the physical file location of the linked file (including if they were to be in the Third-Party-Mount location).
    • Users can also open the linked file in the Visual Asset Browser from a menu option in this tab.
  • The Zoom Adobe plugin now supports a new option to let the users get started with a pre-defined template project structure using the “New Project” menu. (New Project Creation)
  • Zoom Adobe plugins have additional indicator icons that can help trigger actions on the items in the search results tab. The indicators include detecting that some file is available for linking to the open document. (Linkability indicator)
  • Ability to change the thumbnail of any Zoom asset has now been enhanced to work on files that are not checked out; apart from improving the speed of the operation, this also allows users to take advantage of this feature from the web-based Asset Browser as well.

The following features and enhancements are available only in 6.0.0-RELEASE.127 and above:

  • XDelta3 has been updated to the latest stable release, v3.0.12, which has the APLv2 license
  • Users may now assign names to jobs triggered from the Asset Browser in the job form
  • Switching resolution is now supported for assets of HiRes files before check-in
  • The InDesign plugin’s Links tab behavior has been revised to seamlessly handle a larger number of links

Major Fixes

Zoom 6.0 has fixes for the following issues: 

  • Zoom server was randomly crashing on back to back make current calls for the same file if the file was large
  • Indications for key-frame metadata being present on the timeline for Video Previews were not displayed to the user sometimes
  • Preview cache cleanup did not have any flexibility in selectively cleaning up the source files alone, retaining the previews themselves. Check here for details. 
  • In video preview, “seek status” and “keyframe metadata on seek bar” for last video were shown in preview window of next video while loading of next video is in process
  • Video previews streaming had some issues, which have been rectified. 
  • In workflow, for a Rejected Task, if owner was changed, then approve / reject option was not available in Visual Approval
  • Zoom Adobe plugins were not extracting the content of text layers earlier. 
  • Application of keywords on assets was not possible if Asset Browser opens without an active metadata panel.
  • “Not Contains” did not work in main search tab
  • Smart-copy dialog would start with a blank parent location if user decided to create it anywhere other than the location of the smart-copy source itself, forcing the user to navigate starting from the root. 
  • While creating a collection, there was no control to change the parent collection or deselect to create at the root itself. 
  • Global search would not search within file-type filters earlier
  • The dialog to edit common metadata inside the Visual Asset Browser had several limitations on the UI front. 
  • Pulling users from LDAP server would fail earlier in case there are external issues (like DNS failure) while trying to follow referrals to other AD nodes in the cluster. 
  • Pop-up menus inside the Visual Asset Browser were not sufficiently demarcated from the backdrop, causing a lack of clarity. 
  • Multi-line edits were not possible in the Asset Browser metadata panel. 
  • Revision comments were only available on hover, thereby limiting users to only be able to see one revision’s comment at a time. 
  • Path navigator in the Asset Browser would not refresh correctly especially if files were moved from one folder to another requiring users to open and close relevant folders to get the view to show correctly. Now users can refresh both the central panel and the path navigator in one go, using the refresh button at the top. 
  • Download of multiple selected assets from Visual Approver did not work
  • At the end of the preview of a video asset, randomly frozen black spots were seen
  • Archive and Restore did not work in VideoFx setup if the original and ProRes files are renamed in TPM
  • “Unable to update” message was displayed while update of the User setting In Adobe InDesign, although plug-in setting is changed in .zm\settings\adobePlugin directory. 
  • In Hot Folder, UI error message should be shown if invalid destination is selected while setting up new hot folder, this is fixed in latest version.
  • Hot folder configuration is now possible from the web-based admin console enabling admins to remotely setup hot folders on various client machines centrally. Check here for instructions. 
  • When doing FTS search,  UI Options are overridden with search texts, this is fixed now.
  • Total number of assets to be displayed in one single page in Visual Asset Browser was not configurable earlier
  • Blank thumbnail was shown for .txt files when trying to preview text files in fullscreen mode
  • Randomly, cross-project move and subsequent show-in-browse-tab caused blank alert
  • When trying to save metadata properties in central panel the default selection would get switched to some other asset in central panel of Visual Asset Browser.
  • Asset deselection in list view was not working
  • Time code search, for video preview was not possible earlier. 
  • User experience in renaming a file from the Asset Browser was somewhat limiting.
  • Thumbnail for video files was always defaulting to the first frame of the video; this is not always meaningful and was too limiting. (Check here on how this has been made to work based on percentage of the video duration)
  • Metadata editing was disallowed for archived assets
  • Thumbnail size control Visual Asset Browser was not very intuitive earlier. Now this is available with a slider to control the thumb sizes. 
  • Some of the pages in the Web Admin Portal did not have the option to sort based on Roles, Projects or Accounts. 
  • In deployments containing a large number of previewable assets, the preview server would take a long time to start up. 
  • Metadata panel font sizes were fixed, and could not be increased by end users. 
  • When a non-superadmin project lead user was deleted, the license count was not getting updated correctly. 

The following major fixes are available only in 6.0.0-RELEASE.127 and above:

  • Certain metadata fields were missing values when checking in existing Premiere Pro projects
  • Single link was not visible in the plugin’s Link tab in Premiere Pro
  • The plugin was showing deleted links in Premiere Pro
  • Faceted Search was not updating results after checking in new video files
  • Resolve Links was not working properly for unsupported media formats in Premiere Pro
  • Adding or removing users failed for projects named with special characters

Major Pending Issues:

  • In Windows server, the admin page that allows users to view the status of asset indexing on the Curator side is not loading correctly. Please check this FAQ on how to resolve this. 
  • In HADR mode, update of metadata spec from metadata editor in web admin panel is not possible.
  • With Edge browser, some of the export options are not be supported in the web admin portal.
  • In web admin portal, if search is enabled and indexing is disabled on the Curator settings, search will be limited to already indexed operations only. If indexing was never running on the setup, then search will not (cannot!)  return any results. It is recommended to enable both indexing and searching options always.  
  • Fatal error is get displayed, if firstly added server is deleted from review server setting in web admin portal.
  • In Mac client, “Configurable percentage frame” for picking the thumbnail frame in video preview fails for some setups. Please check here for a workaround.
  • “Not Contains” for metadata properties displays the assets whose past revisions contain the metadata.
  • Preview of .xml file is not supported.
  • After session expiry, close button does not work for repository browser login popup.
  • For some plugin options, pop-ups and tooltips on mouse-over are not formatted well.
  • There is no progress bar or any other indicators while rendering operations are on-going in C4D.
  • All operations are working except smart copy, even if a project is changed to “Hold State” in web admin portal. 
  • Archive operation is not supported for project level.
  • While archiving a file, if that file gets renamed then archive of that file will not be possible until the server restarts.
  • Create Job Form does not get refreshed if the project is changed from Create Job dialog until dialog is closed and relaunched again.
  • If file already cached, Preview server allows download of the original file without valid password / cookie. 
  • Sometimes, if a preview is launched by clicking the space bar in keyboard, it is not displaying the preview.
  • In some specific scenario, zoom commit will get fail, because of the wrong status update.
  • In Mac El Capitan (version 10.11), Asset Browser flashes non-stop when trying to drag the window around to reposition it.
  • Purge is not possible, if the asset with same name gets imported. Whereas existing asset with same name gets deleted.
  • In Faceted Search, selection of multiple child facets from a parent facet is not supported.
  • Asset will not be removed from the central panel view of the Asset Browser, if a search is made on a specific asset and then it gets purged.
  • In “Advance Search”, deleted search String gets retained when we switch from “Search Everywhere”
  • While configuring Metadata editor if the server gets restarted, an error message gets displayed after adding a new group
  • Unable to select different change-lists from change-list drop down in Zoom check-in dialog.
  • Time-code search, does not work for MP3 and WMA audio files.
  • Any metadata property containing colon (:) is not correctly handled in the auto-completion mechanism in the Asset Browser. 
  • Preview is not available for FFF format assets.
  • If we search using multiple file type filters, then relaunching such a search from the “Recent Searches” does not work.
  • After any change in the preview cache clean-up settings, the clean-up action is not triggered until the first preview request subsequent to that point. 
  • Curator’s internal Solr-db schema is changed in 6.0. Solr-DB which was created with previous zoom versions, will not be compatible with 6.0.0 solr-DB. Admin has to delete existing Solr-DB and start indexing again. (Resetting Curator)
  • When Curator-based search is enabled, then assets which have failed to index, will not be part of any search result; also the assets matching search criteria will show up in the results only after indexing is complete for that asset.
  • In Z-menu Incoming Changes,  published assets will not be displayed in “Published Tree”.
  • After double-clicking on the progress bar of a video preview to apply key-frame metadata, if user clicks on pause / play, the applied key-frame metadata does not get saved; however the user can use the space bar to pause / play, in which case the data will be retained. 
  • In Task manager, when review is accepted an incorrect message is displayed.
  • “Keyframe metadata” for video files are not retained for any new revision created by modifying the file data.
  • Zoom search does not work for special characters like “#, < & >” when Curator-based search is enabled.
  • In HADR mode, configuration of “Curator-based Search Management” is not possible from the web admin portal; this has to be done directly by editing the config files. 
  • When we have 20000 keywords or more in the Zoom repository, performance of Visual Asset Browser  is seen to be very slow.
  • In the Asset Browser, with list or portfolio view, if multiple tabs are opened and along with these, if the Task Manager tab is also open, the application becomes unresponsive at times. 

Minor Pending Issues:

  • In Visual Asset Browser, after renaming, we sometimes get an alert that says the path does not exist.
  • In HADR mode, signed in user is not able to edit “My profile” in Web Admin Portal.
  • Sometimes, an empty alert message is displayed in Visual Asset Browser, while processing some concurrent operations.
  • In Visual Asset Browser,  sorting preference is not retained on switching between the views.
  • In Visual Asset Browser, thumbnails are not working for .ppt files in full screen mode and weird behavior is shown when try to scroll down/up the thumbnails.
  • From Adobe plugin, if the user gets switched from A to B, “Show in Asset Browser” option from search tab will display multiples assets in VAB.
  • In web-based Visual Asset Browser, UI text alignment issues exist with A++ font size.
  • In search results, if we try to navigate up the directory structure, then RRN of the directories are all displayed as -1.
  • Randomly, the info icon on File Text Search will show inconsistent behavior in Visual Asset Browser.
  • In the browse dialog tree, Add Folder don’t work for last node of the path tree.
  • Advanced Search should include “Lock / Unlock” as a separate option to filter the assets, this is not supported.
  • In Visual Asset Browser, Undo option should be available for operations like moving, renaming, changing metadata. This is not supported.
  • VideoFx Ingest – Check-in will get fail, if “zoom proxy In Out” folder is not at all accessed even a single time by that client.
  • Issue with the selection of the metadata value in drop-down list where size exceeds a certain number in Visual Asset Browser.
  • Workflow Timesheet, Auto refresh is not available currently in web admin portal.
  • Task Manager, “Sync” UI icon is blurred out.
  • From Zoom repository, check-in of the existing asset while mandatory metadata is enabled will fail.
  • Internal search, result count is not correct in Visual Asset Browser.
  • In Visual Asset browser, searched Items sorted out based on a filter, should be processed uniformly across single & multiple assets. This is not fixed yet.
  • Visual Asset Browser, Copy option is not available for Asset ID.
  • Faceted Search is not possible, When date related properties are selected with other metadata properties.
  • Multipage asset will not start generating previews, if the preview server is restarted during preview generation.
  • Zoom Repository, an error message will be displayed, when a user try to change server.
  • Multipage preview, Up/Down arrow keys will not work for switching between pages.
  • While previewing a .mp3 file, seek forward/reverse is not supported.
  • From Working Copy,  move an asset from one project to another is not possible.
  • In web admin panel, While changing the Project Lead, error message will be displayed.
  • For video files in full screen mode by pressing “esc button” in keyboard, normal mode can’t be restored in Visual Asset Browser.
  • Faceted Search, Search categories doesn’t keep the same state when switch between applications.
  • Change Thumbnail, In video file after performing change thumbnail operation on a check-out, change thumbnail window will not get exited.
  • Faceted Search, randomly duplicate facets will be displayed.
  • Faceted Search, If Parent facet is selected, user will not be able to extend child facets list by clicking “+see more”
  • Faceted Search, Once a new file type filter is added then server restart is needed to take this effect into faceted search.
  • When resurrecting an asset, there should be ability via contextual menu to “Show in Browse Tab”. This is not available.
  • In Visual Asset Browser,  if “Show Metadata Header” option is enabled, user will not be able to edit the “Native File Path”.
  • In Zoom Adobe plugin, after check-in with links, the links tab may randomly display the same asset twice. Manually clicking on resolve links will correct this. 
  • In Adobe plugin’s, check-in of same asset twice is not handled properly.
  • In HADR mode, Search tab does not redirect to next highest priority running server when the default server is down.
  • In Adobe plugin’s, thumbnail automatically changed to the latest version even if the working copy is not updated. This may seem unintuitive to end users. 
  • Hi/Mid/Low resolution will work smoothly only on manual refresh.
  • Asset ID & thumbnail will not be displayed for Hi Res Link made by dragging the file from Visual Asset Browser & dragging directly from TPM path.
  • Link tab will be displayed Blank, if User had renamed the Linked Assets in Visual Asset Browser. For proper functioning, user has to update the link within the app.
  • When a linked asset is moved from one place to another in zoom repository, different behavior is seen in plugin and in Visual Asset Browser.
  • Randomly, “The database is in use” alert message will be displayed while Check-in the Project from Plugin.
  • Randomly, “Channel Closed Exception” alert message will be displayed on Clicking the link tab in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Randomly Link tab, displays does not display any Assets although Links has been Added. By refreshing the links panel issue will be resolved.
  • Operations in the web admin panel, involving project names containing punctuation marks like do not get executed correctly. Project names are expected to be alpha-numeric only. 
  • In the web-admin panel, under time sheet section, start and end dates do not work correctly always. 
  • Using the metadata schema editor in the web-admin panel, it is not possible to import server.xml files larger than 1 MB currently. However if these files are copied to the conf/ folder and the server is restarted, the editor can correctly read and display the values from the file. 

Adobe Issues:

  • On upgrading the Prpro to Premiere 2015.4 all the Adobe Panels reverted to CS6 panels. User has to re-run the Plugin Installer sh manually to get them back.
  • In Adobe Premiere Pro 9.2, “app.setExtensionPersistent is not a function” alert message will be displayed.
  • Randomly, “Request could not be completed” message will be displayed while resolve links is in progress.

Third-party Software Versions

Zoom 6.0.0 builds have been tested against the following:



Operating Systems (Servers) Linux RHEL 6.7, Linux RHEL 7.0, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
Operating Systems (Clients) Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 7, OS X El Capitan 10.11, macOS Sierra 10.12.1
Adobe Photoshop  17.0.1 (2015.5.1), 18.0.0 (2017.0.0)
Adobe Illustrator  20.1.0 (2015.3.1), 21.0.0 (2017)
Adobe InDesign (2015.4), 12.0 (2017.0)
Adobe Premiere Pro  10.4.0 (2015.4), 11.0.1 (2017.0.1)
Adobe After Effects  13.8.1 (2015.3), 14.0.1 (2017.0)
Adobe InCopy (2015.4), 12.0 (2017.0)
MAXON Cinema4D  17.016 
Browsers Chrome 53.0.2785, Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0, IE 11.0.9600, Firefox 49.0.2, Safari 9.1.3
Adobe Flash Player 



  • Please find instructions on how to upgrade here.
  • This release is compatible with bits 6.0.0-RELEASE and above