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New Features

  • AI: Zoom now supports Veritone and Amazon AI providers to tag and update media using their own AI engines. It allows the user to configure their Zoom system to automate tasks based on AI data triggers in assets. Click here to know how to start using AI with Zoom.

Usability Enhancements

  • Web Client now also shows AI data for assets analyzed by AI engines.
  • Zoom Client machines can now be configured to save Data Migration job details into a SQL database.
  • Data Migration now supports S3.
  • Archiving of direct assets to Tier-2 can now be done in one operation.
  • When pulling users from LDAP, project associations can also be pulled alongside the user and role details. Only projects already existing in Zoom are mapped with the users in this operation. 

Major Fixes

  • When a user clicks ‘Reveal in Finder/Explorer’ for a multi-level deep folder (or asset) in the Visual Asset Browser, that folder (or the folder containing the asset) opens correctly in the Finder/Explorer.
  • Sorting on columns is working fine for the Manage Accounts page in the Web Management Console now.
  • Users can change and save settings for existing Hubs in the Web Management Console and see these changes without reloading the browser page now.
  • In the Visual Asset Browser, users can successfully remove a keyword associated with multiple assets now.
  • Users can successfully change thumbnails of assets using the Visual Asset Browser now.
  • The input files for Render and Import using either Batch or Team Render in Cinema 4D Zoom plugin are deleted now after Render and Import are finished, that is files have been rendered and imported.