ID: 3898

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New features and fixes in this release

New Features and Enhancements

  • Archive module is now available in HADR mode also. (Understanding HADR Archive)
  • The 3rd-party tool FFMPEG used internally by Zoom has been upgraded to version 2.7.

Major Fixes

  • In Zoom 5.5 there was an issue with log rotation where the most recent entries were not always found in the log file with .0 suffix. This has been resolved now for the server side logs. However for the hot folder logs, the issue is still not fixed.
  • Full-text search engine was required to be launched manually in Zoom 5.5. This has now been resolved, this would start as a service instead and therefore started automatically.
  • Full-text search module was sending spurious mail notifications and dumping error messages in the server log even when not enabled. This has been resolved now.
  • No need to explicitly set the “” variable for video previews to work in the Windows platform. The setting is now implicitly included.
  • There was a random issue where thumbnails would be missing in the list view; this has been fixed.
  • Download of PDF files as images will now work.
  • In French build, certain characters were not getting displayed properly in earlier releases; this is fixed now.
  • When the Asset Browser is used in parallel with other interfaces like command-line client, in some random cases we were seeing errors related to “auth” db locking. This has been resolved to a large extent now.
  • Keyboard short-cuts to create smart-copies from the Asset Browser, was not working across different tabs earlier; this has been fixed now.
  • Sort by “Date” or “Modification Time” in list view of the Asset Browser now works correctly in Spanish locale also.
  • Moving assets from one folder to another from within the Path Navigator panel of the Asset Browser used to fail randomly in previous versions; this has been fixed now.
  • Overlay icons for checked out files now show up correctly in the portfolio view of the Asset Browser without requiring any work-arounds.