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Upgrade Checklist

Prior to a Zoom upgrade, it is highly recommended you walk through this checklist with your internal IT team and Evolphin support representative.

Item Description
Setup an upgrade window Select a time window such as Friday noon to evening to schedule the upgrade with minimal disruption to the creative groups
Create a test plan Create a customer specific test plan for testing an upgrade. This should cover the common Zoom workflows that your users are executing every day
eZ Downloader setup If eZ Downloader server is not installed, set it up ideally on its on VM else on a shared machine such as Zoom Preview Server. Pull server & client build from Evolphin download site but not approve them for distribution
Try it on a test workstation Before approval the eZ client build for all the end-users, try the client build on a test workstation. If setting up eZ for the first time, uninstall the old client build and run the eZ Installer on the client workstation
Backup Zoom files Follow the upgrade guides and decide if you need to move or backup the Zoom DB folder out from installation directory. Also backup the conf/ folders for all the Zoom servers including Preview Servers.
Perform the upgrade Either have Evolphin team or your IT perform the upgrade & restore/apply the config changes to connect with the old Zoom database
Review new Zoom features If the upgrade has new features, please review the Zoom release notes with your team to see if you can use them in your workflow
Test plan Execute the upgrade test plan to confirm all your current workflows with Zoom are functioning fine. A sample test plan is listed below.


A sample upgrade test plan template that customer should create:

Module Test Case Test Description Test Result
Asset Browser Check-in revision Edit Cream 30g.indd and verify if check-in via Asset Browser Worked Pass
Web Client Upload a file via web client Upload via the drag-n-drop feature and see if Zoom server updates the version for an existing file or adds the new file Pass

Post Upgrade Validation:

Target Role
Assets Visible in Asset Browser (VAB) Ensure server.xml was copied and DB Specs are pointing to the correct database & redo log paths IT, User  
Thumbnail & Previews show up in VAB Ensure preview-server.xml was copied correctly IT, User  
Server Java GC & RAM settings Ensure wrapper & preview wrapper conf files have the correct Java GC settings from previous install IT  
metadata schema shows up in VAB Previous schema XML file is copied to the new installation IT  
Hot Folder settings on workstations Previous hot folder settings are still visible in Z->Settings IT  
Hot Folder works with custom scripts Ensure  hot folder ingest propagates any metadata from the workstation to the Zoom server IT  
Check-in/checkout in VAB Ensure all the key functions such as Check-in/Check-out are working as expected User  
LDAP/AD Settings Zoom server.xml has the correct LDAP specs and ensure authentication with AD/LDAP works as expected IT  
Backups are functioning Any backups that may have been turned off are turned back on  IT  
Upgrade test plan executed Run through the test cases you documented in your upgrade test plan IT, User