ID: 6611

Mounting persistent network share as a drive letter on a Windows Server

If you need to configure a network share as a drive letter mounted volume on a Windows Server, it can be done. The key here is to ensure the drive letter is available before services started by Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) need it. Here is a recipe tested by our support team:

  1. Create a batch file with a command to mount the network share. For example mount.bat:

    The command invoked in the script to mount as Z drive: net use z: \\essan.evolphinpoc\ES_SAN /user:Administrator Password /persistent:yes

    Please ensure the user name/password credentials allow read or write to the share from a Windows machine

  2.  Add the .bat file to a Windows Task setup to run at startup using the “Create Task” menu option:

  3. Specify the full path to your mount.bat in the task action (“Start a program”).


  4. Configure the task to run at Windows startup without any logged in user:

  5.  Reboot the Windows Server to allow the task to mount the share as a drive letter and be available to any services started by the SCM