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Skip Metadata While Creating Smart Copy or Smart Link

Steps to make any metadata field unique by not allowing to copy value to the smart copy or link files

By default, any Smart Copy or Smart-Link asset will contain all metadata of the source asset.

From Zoom 7.0 and above, we can skip any metadata properties. Here are the steps:

  • Open metadataspec.xml for editing from $ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR/conf/metadataspec.xml.
  • Locate the desired metadata field as <field /> under the tag <metadataFields> under the relevant <mdgroup> in <metadatagroups>.
  • Add the attribute inheritedScheme=”NONE” to this field. 
    For example for the field ‘Native File Path” this is a sample entry:

    <field ns=”zoom” name=”NativeFilePath” label=”Native File Path” keyType=”string” valueType=”string” inheritedScheme=”NONE”/>

  • Save the file
  • Restart Zoom Service and Asset Browser.


After this change, Zoom will not copy the Native File Path metadata property value from the source asset while creating any Smart Copy or Smart-Link.