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Firewall Port Requirements

for a Zoom setup

The following ports should be opened for Zoom:

Port Required for desktop access Required for web access Description
8880 Yes No Zoom Server
8443 Yes No Web Administration & API access
8873 Yes Yes Preview Server
8983 No No Zoom Curator Service
8874 No No Zoom NonStop Server to Server Data Transfer (HADR)
18880 No No Zoom NonStop Server to Server Control Messages (HADR)
7770 Yes No Zoom Client Proxy to Adobe plugins
9880 Yes* No *SSL Zoom Server
9443 Yes* No *SSL Web Administration & API access
8973 Yes* Yes* *SSL Preview Server
8974 No No *SSL Zoom NonStop Server to Server Data Transfer (HADR)

To test any TCP port’s connectivity, check this article.

*Usually if SSL ports are enabled, their non-SSL counterpart ports can be disabled or blocked by the firewalls.


Desktop access includes Visual Asset Browser, Repository Browser, and Client Proxy.

Web access includes Web Asset Browser and Web Client.