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Configuring SMTP for Email Notifications

on Zoom Server

Zoom can integrate with your mail server so that a notification will be sent when:

  • The server restarts (to admin)
  • A user is sent a Lightbox
  • A user is sent a Workflow task
In order to configure SMTP, you must be connecting to an non-SSL SMTP server using the default port 25.
    1. Log in to the Web Administration Console.
      Ex. http://MyZoomServer:8443
    2. Under System, click on System Control Panel.
    3. Click SMTP Settings.
    4. Enter the following fields:
      Field Description
      SMTP server hostname/ip     The IP Address or DNS address to the SMTP server
      SMTP user  The login username for the SMTP server
      SMTP password  The login password for the SMTP server
      From   Which address it will appear to users when they receive an email.Ex.
    5. Click Save.
    6. When prompted to restart the server, click Yes.



Since Zoom 7.0.0+ you can also specify a SMTP TLS/SSL port to communicate securely with the SMTP server. Right now the web admin UI doesn’t expose a port settings, this will require editing the server.xml file:

  1. Open the [Zoom server Install Dir]/conf/server.xml file in a text editor
  2. Edit the XML section with a tag <smtpspec>:


  3. Modify the smtpPort and security tags as specified above and save the server.xml file
  4. Restart the Zoom Service


If successful, you should see an email notification to your admin that the server has restarted. If you do not receive a notification, look at the server_log  to troubleshoot why your SMTP server is not connecting. See Logs on 19 to see on the location of logs.