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Zoom Asset Browser on Mobile Devices

Brief outline of the mobile Asset Browser application

Zoom Asset Browser comes in iOS and Android flavours for customers preferring to use mobile devices for their DAM needs.

Here are a few pointers on the various functionalities included in the mobile application.

Logging In

  • The first ever time of login, the application will show up with the prompt to enter server URL. (This will also happen if you have not opted for remembering your credentials in the previous launches or you have opted to logout in your last session).
  • Enter the Zoom preview server IP address or the host name in the server URL field. If you are using a port other than the default 8873, you will have to suffix the port number to the URL. For example, if you had configured your preview server IP is and it is configured to work on the port 8244, then you will type in “”.
  • If the preview server is up you will be directed to a login screen.
  • Enter your username and password here.
  • You can also opt for remembering your password for future logins at this point.
Once logged in, you cannot go back and switch to another zoom server. You will have to explicitly exit the application and relaunch.






Basic Search

Enter the search string and then press search icon. This search will fetch results matching the entered string in file names, metadata properties, revision comments, usernames etc.



Advanced Search

You can specify a combination of parameters and values to match with and trigger an advanced search query from this interface. Here are the steps to execute an advanced search:

  • Click on the Advanced search icon.




  • Select the metadata you want to search with.
  • Enter the value if you want to match against a specific value.
  • If you want to look up the possible metadata properties list, you can type the first two characters of the property name and then click on the search icon next to this field. This will bring up a list of property names starting with the alphabets you entered.
  • For numeric input, provide the start and end value.
  • For date input select a start and end date after clicking the calendar icon.

calendar icon



  • To remove a row either swipe a row or click the delete icon.

delete icon







Search Results

After launching your search query, the search results are fetched from the server. The search result comprises of a list of assets matching the search criteria sent in the query. For each asset, you will see a thumbnail and a few important details about the asset shown in the results view.

Previewing the asset

You can click on the thumbnail of any asset to trigger a high-resolution preview of it.

Only certain file types support previewing. For details about the previewable assets supported by your browser contact your Administrator.


Usually, images will open and audio/video files will start playing.

  • For images you can zoom in and zoom out using pinch to zoom gesture. and double tap to fit to screen.
  • For audio and video assets you can pause/play and slide the video.
  • You can use swipe gesture to go to next or previous assets. But swipes are disabled for Audio/Video files.
  • You can click on the information icon to see all the metadata attached to the assets infoButton_110x110





Miscellaneous Features:

  • User Details: Click on  user icon to see the username, preview server IP address and the current version of mobile app.




  • Logout: To logout either go to user icon and click logout or swipe left on search screen (not on any metadata row). You will be asked for a confirmation and on approval you will be taken to the screen asking server URL.




Whenever you click logout the previous credentials saved are erased. You can save them again in login screen if you want.


  • Search again: After any search or on launching the app (not for first time), you can swipe left to execute the last search string in the basic search mode.