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Keyword Tree in Asset Browser

Summary of keyword manipulation options in the Asset Browser

There are various operations that can be performed using Keyword Tree. 

  1. Create
    Click on create_nw_kw_icon Add Keyword Icon
    (OR, press Control + Shift + Enter in the Keyword Internal Search)
  2. Delete
    Click on Delete Keyword Icon
    (OR, press Delete key)

    To delete multiple keywords, select multiple keywords from the tree and then use above option.
  3. Rename
    Double-click on any keyword to edit the name.
  4. Assign
    Click on the check box to assign the keyword to assets selected in the central panel of the Asset Browser.
    (OR, press Enter to assign selected keywords) 
  5. Drag and Drop 
    Drag and Drop helps in moving keywords from one parent to another.
  6. Collapse/Expand
    Click on Collapse/Expand Icon to collapse / expand the keyword tree
  7. Recursive Check
    Click on Recursive Check Icon to enable / disable recursive assignment. If enabled, assigning a child Keyword to an asset will automatically assign the parent (ancestor) keywords as well.
  8. Reload
    Click on Reload Icon to fetch all the keywords from the server