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Checkout Assets

Step-by-step guide to checkout assets in Asset Browser

Checkout Assets

When you checkout assets, the assets are downloaded to your computer so that you can modify them locally. This files is called working copies. Any changes to the working copy will not affect the file on the Zoom Server until the file is checked in. When the file is checked in, it is stored as a new of the asset.

When checking out a file from Zoom, a working copy is downloaded in the same folder hierarchy as on the Zoom Server.

When you checkout a file from Zoom, the file is downloaded to the working copy folder. The files are stored in the same folder path as located in Zoom. For example, if your file is located in /defproj/My Folder/file.jpg, it will be located in /defproj/My Folder/file.jpg on your computer in the working copy folder.

By default, working copies are downloaded to [Home Directory]/Documents/Evolphin Zoom. This is configurable by changing the setting by going to Z-menu > Settings, clicking on Server/WC Settings and changing the Default Checkout Location setting.

Via Button
  1. Select an item in Asset Browser.
  2. Click the Description: Evoltech:Users:ben:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.05.50 PM.png Checkout button.
Via Contextual Menu
  1. Select an item in Asset Browser.
  2. Right-click on the asset and select Checkout.
    Contextual-menu for selected asset in Asset Browser
  3. You may be prompted as to whether you would like to lock the file.
    See Locks
Via Keyboard
  1. Select an item in Asset Browser.
  2. On your keyboard, hit:
    • MacCOMMAND + O
    • WindowsCTRL + O