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Smart Copy

via Creative App Plugin

Within Zoom, creating copies of files is easy using Smart Copy. Unlike conventional copying of files which takes up additional data, creating a Smart Copy allows a file to be copied and edited without having to duplicate data on the server. You can create smart copies of a file or an entire folder. For additional information on Smart Copy, see Smart Copy Assets .

  1. Save your current document.
  2. Open the Evolphin Zoom panel by navigating to Window > Extensions > Evolphin Zoom.
    Window > Extensions > Evolphin Zoom
    Window > Extensions > Evolphin Zoom

  3. Zoom 7.0: Click Fly-out menu > Clone Project


    Zoom 6.0 or below: Click Smart Copy.

  4. Choose Server URL.
    Check Browse - Checkin Dialog
    Check Browse – Checkin Dialog

  5. Click Browse to choose the location in Zoom to checkin the asset.
  6. Fill out any required metadata or keyword values.
  7. Enable or disable Convert to working copy.
  8. Click Smart Copy.