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Linked Assets – Photoshop

in Photoshop

In Photoshop CC, Adobe introduced the concept of linked assets in Photoshop. Similar to InDesign, Illustrator, and other Adobe applications, this meant that assets could be placed into Photoshop and maintain a link to the original asset. If the original asset was updated, then the Photoshop document would be updated.

Layers Panel - Asset Browser
Layers panel – Asset Browser

In Zoom 5.1 and greater, Zoom can read the linked assets inside of a Photoshop document automatically based on which layers. Assets are automatically linked in Zoom so you can see which assets derivatives there are of that original asset.

Reading Photoshop layers is not supported in Photoshop CS6.


Link Assets in Photoshop

In order to link assets in Photoshop, you must use the Place function in Photoshop. Drag-and-dropping into Photoshop does not place the image; it will embed the image into the Photoshop document. In order to link the asset, you must do the following:

  1. Open your Photoshop document.
  2. Go to File > Place Linked…

    Place Linked... - Adobe Photoshop
    Place Linked… – Adobe Photoshop
  3. Navigate to the asset you have checked out in your Working Copy folder.
  4. Click Place.

When you check-in your asset, the layer containing your linked asset will have an image link. You can then click the Visit Visit Parent AssetParent Asset button to navigate to that asset in Asset Browser. Your asset will also be linked in the Links panel.