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Linked Assets – InDesign

in InDesign

In InDesign, layouts can encompass a variety of different images or other documents that are linked. When that linked file is modified, InDesign notifies that user that the link has been updated. Zoom can read the linked assets inside of an InDesign document automatically. Assets are automatically linked in Zoom so you can see which assets derivatives there are of that original asset.

Link Assets in InDesign

An asset can be linked by dragging and dropping into InDesign.

  1. In Asset Browser, search for the asset you would like to place into your InDesign document.
  2. Check-out the asset.
  3. Drag-and-drop the asset from Asset Browser to the appropriate place in your InDesign layout.
    Drag-and-drop to InDesign
    Drag-and-drop to InDesign

When you check-in your asset, you can then see the links in the Links Panel in Asset Browser.

Links Panel - Adobe InDesign
Links Panel – Adobe InDesign