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Auto checkout mount point enhancements

In Zoom 5.5, the auto-checkout mount point has been enhanced to support linking and resolve links from Adobe and Cinema 4D plugin.

Enhanced Features

  1. If a user is committing files which has links to files present in auto-checkout directory, then the links should be maintained on Zoom server and one should be able to see them in Asset Browser ”Links’ panel.
  2. Files from auto-checkout folder should not be imported back to Zoom under any circumstances.
  3. Drag and drop from Asset Browser should work when auto-checkout folder is set to valid path.
  4. If a file is present in auto-checkout location and also in working copy, dragged file from Asset Browser should point to the auto-checkout path. E.g. If some file xyz.jpg is present in auto-checkout folder and also in working copy, and if user drags the same file from Asset Browser to any of the creative apps, then link should be created to auto checkout mount point file and not with working copy file.
  5. If any file contains links to auto checked out file, auto checked out file should not be checked in again to Zoom server. Links should be created with the existing files in Zoom and user should be able to see them in Asset Browser ‘Links’ panel.
  6. Resolve links should resolve paths from auto-checkout folders as well. In this case too, auto-checkout files will have preference over working copy files.