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Video LX Release Notes

In Zoom VideoLX release and upcoming releases (7.0 and above) – A light proxy based Hi-Res asset management feature has been added wherein read-only stock/footage files (of typically large size) can reside outside the Zoom repository, and still be accessible to all Zoom users for their regular operations like linking, searching, etc. This will act as small subset of an existing feature Hi-Res Ingest but unlike Hi-Res ingest it will check-in the files directly into the target folder, not into the folder structure created based on metadata values entered in check-in dialog.


Comparison between VideoFX and VideoLX


  VideoLX VideoFX

Video Metadata And Thumbnail Extraction

Extracted at client from original hi-res file Extraction done at server using transcoding server like Vantage

Native Asset Copying

From User’s workstaion From high performance ingest server

Proxy Generation

Not supported Proxy is generated by transcoding server

Automated Archiving on Ingest

Not supported Supported

Drag n Drop in Video Editing app

Supported  Supported

Index Assets in MAM

Supported Supported

Proxy Editing workflows in App

like Premiere Pro

Not Supported Supported