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Vantage workflows

You can download a sample workflow configuration file for Vantage-based Hi-Res ingest from here – HiresIngest.xml. More sample Vantage workflows can be obtained either directly from Evolphin support or if you have access to a pre-built Vantage VM shipped with the demo version of Zoom VideoFX, you can export these two workflows:

    1. Hires Ingest
    2. Van_convert_flv (not needed if using default converter based on software ffmpeg for preview creation)

Vantage Hires Workflow

The exported workflows can be imported into the Vantage Lightspeed server.


Validating the van_convert_flv workflow

Whenever a preview is requested in Zoom VAB, the above Vantage workflow is invoked if the default converter in Zoom has been switched to Vantage. The workflow is integrated with Zoom Preview server, it allows Preview Server to offload preview generation to Vantage for video assets. For more details on how to configure Zoom to switch to Vantage media converter please see this article.

To validate, locate any Video asset in VAB  and try to generate a preview using right click context menu option in VAB. If the workflow is working correctly a preview request should be sent to Vantage. Once the transcode/flip is finished the user in VAB will be able to play a preview of the video.


Optimizing the Vantage Workflows

The workflows supplied by Evolphin are meant to be a starting point. The customers should work with Vantage team to further optimize these workflows for their needs.