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Install Zoom Client (Windows)

Step-by-step instructions to install Zoom on Windows

If you are installing the Zoom client on the same computer as the Zoom Server, there is no need. Zoom installs a Zoom client automatically with the Zoom Server.

The following instructions describe the steps of how to properly install Evolphin Zoom Client on a Windows computer.

Installing Zoom

  1. In the downloaded *.zip, run the setup.exe.
  2. Follow the installation wizard instructions.

If Using Adobe Creative Cloud

Configuring Default Zoom Server

  1. In the sidebar, click Server/WC Settings.

    Server/WC Settings in Zoom Settings
    Server/WC Settings in Zoom Settings
  2. Click Add.

    Click add in the Server/WC Settings
    Click add in the Server/WC Settings
  3. Under Server Url, set the URL to your Zoom Server.
    Ex. http://<MyZoomServer>:8880
    Port 8880 is the default port for Zoom client to connect to Zoom server
  4. Under Server Alias, set the alias for Zoom.
    Ex. Zoom
    The alias can be used in the Zoom interface as a replacement for the Server URL. Make sure the server alias does not contain any white space characters.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If prompted to login, login to Zoom using your Zoom credentials.
  7. Select your newly created Zoom Server in the Server and Working Copy Settings list.
  8. Click Make Default.
  9. To have your Zoom Client always connect to the same server, check Always Use Default.