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Restricting Project Size

Zoom 6.0 and above, supports adding restriction on project size and number of files it can have.

Feature highlights:

  1. Impose max size quota on a project. 
  2. Impose max files count on a project.

Once any of the above limits reached, project won’t grow further either in terms or size or number of files.

Please follow the below given steps to impose above mention restrictions:

  1. Go to Zoom server installation directory.
    1. Usually on linux: /home/evolphin/zoom
    2. Usually on windows: C:\Program(x86) Files\Evolphin\DAM
  2. Goto conf directory.
  3. Edit file server.xml
  4. Search and locate tag:

    <repoQuotaSpec/> OR

  5. Add the <projectQuotaSpec> tag inside the <repoQuotaSpec> tag. Syntax:
       <name>Type Project Name Here</name>
       <maxFileCount>File counts here</maxFileCount>
       <maxSpaceOnDisk>Size in bytes here</maxSpaceOnDisk>
  6. Specify project name inside <name>....</name>. For e.g:
  7. Specify the max file count inside <maxFileCount>...</maxFileCount>. For e.g:
    Warning: Do not set maxFileCount value to zero. If you don’t want to use this value, then set some maximum value like: 2147483647(This is the max value for 32bit integer we support).
  8. Specify the max size for the project inside <maxSpaceOnDisk>...</maxSpaceOnDisk>. For e.g:
    <!-- Above value set the max project size to 4GB -->
    Warning: Do not set maxSpaceOnDisk value to zero. If you don’t want to use this value, then set some maximum value like: 9223372036854775807(This is the max value for size we support).
  9. <repoQuotaSpec>
    Above configuration sets the size limit of 4GB on project defproj and file count limit to maximum possible value.