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NAT Setup for External Access to Zoom Services


You need to provide external users such as partners, clients or remote employees the ability to connect to Zoom services from outside the firewall or intranet. You also need ensure internal users continue to connect to Zoom from within the firewall without looping out and coming back through an external IP address. Visually, you want to setup access as below:

\ NAT Setup for Zoom



Setup DNS entries such that in the internal network, the host name resolves to internal IP address and to the external IP address outside the firewall. For example in the above diagram, resolves to IP and externally to IP

Now configure the Zoom settings in the Web administration console as below:

  1. Go to Server Control Panel. Click on Network Settings to change Zoom server Host name/IP address to point to the DNS host name for e.g.
  2. In the Server Control Panel click on Admin Server config to change Admin Server Host/IP to point to the DNS host name for e.g.
  3. 5.1 or higher: Edit the server.xml and preview-server.xml  for Preview server settings to point to the DNS host name.
  4. 5.0 or below: In the Server Control Panel click on Review Server Settings to change Server Host/IP to point to the DNS host name for e.g.
  5. Forward Zoom ports from external IP to internal. Default ports are: 8880 (Zoom), 8873 (Preview), 8443 (Configuration & admin)
  6. Restart the Zoom Asset Browser on the client desktop and use the DNS host name (for e.g. from above scenario) to connect to the Zoom server
  7. If only Web Client access is desired from outside the firewall, forward only the 8873 (Preview)  port.