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EZ Downloader

After the EZ Downloader is set up, a lot more features are available for use by the EZ Admin. In the initial setup as shown here, one EZ Admin was registered for the EZ Downloader, EZ Updater settings were saved, EZ Client bits were configured and then uploaded on EZ for use by the clients. Let us look at all the features of EZ Updater available to an EZ Admin.

The recommended settings are to have the EZ Downloader check for updates everyday and install updates automatically.


Before proceeding, ensure that you have installed and configured EZ Downloader and EZ Clients as shown here.


The Zoom Builds tab opens the page to show the Zoom Client builds downloaded to the EZ Downloader.

  • Open EZ Web portal in any web browser and log in.
  • Click Zoom Builds in the top menu bar.

This page manages all the Zoom builds downloaded from the Evolphin server. Information related to the builds may be seen like Build Name, Build Version Number, Build Hash Code, Release Date, Minimum Compatible Client Version, Compatible OS, MD5 Checksum of the build and Approved Status. Only Zoom Client builds are available in this beta version.

It may take some time to populate the tables on the first run. The EZ Downloader first downloads the build in full and then displays it in the tables. Build download will also depend on Download frequency settings.

After download, the builds are in the Rejected state by default. The EZ Admin may Approve or Reject a build by selecting the build and clicking Approve / Reject above the builds’ list. Only approved builds will be visible and available to the EZ Clients.

EZ Admin may also download and remotely install builds. This way the builds may also be tested before approving.

  • Download Build: EZ Admin can download any particular build to install/test separately. To do that, select the build and click Download. You could download approved or rejected builds. 
  • Install Build: EZ Admin can install builds remotely on any managed machine. To do that, select the build and click Install. A popup will appear to select the desired machine on which this build will be installed. Select the target machine and click OK. You may monitor the installation progress from the Activities page. You could install approved or rejected builds.

It is recommended to select only one machine at a time for the installation.


The EZ Client machines managed by this EZ Downloader are listed under the Managed Machines page.

  • Open EZ Web portal in a web browser and log in.
  • Click Managed Machines in the top menu bar. 

This page shows the details of the machines which are managed by this EZ Downloader. The EZ Admin can add a machine, edit existing machines, or delete them. By default, the current EZ Downloader machine will also be listed here. If you click on any row, the details for that machine, like installation type (Zoom Server/ Zoom Client), version, Zoom installation path and last Zoom updated time, are shown below the machines list.

If an EZ Client machine is not on this list, it is automatically added anytime it checks for update (manually or as per schedule).

These options are available on the Managed Machines page.

Add Machine: Adding a machine is not available for now. 

Edit Machine Details: The EZ Admin may change the machine details by clicking Edit. If the IP address or hostname are modified, the other details will be fetched again. The EZ Admin may choose to edit the name of the Managed machine. This name is only for identification by the EZ Downloader.


All activities associated with EZ may be tracked on the Activities page. This is a log of all the activities happening within the EZ Updater on this machine. A brief description of the activity, start time, last updated time of activity, address from which the request originated, steps executed during the activity and progress (if available) as well as the Activity ID are shown here.


Logs are maintained by all EZ machines. These logs are stored in [EvolphinZoomUpdaterData]\logs folder. The logs may also be viewed in the EZ Web portal. By default, the logs view displays only the last 1Mb of logs and keeps updating it at the end as soon as new log entries are generated.

  • Open EZ Web portal in a web browser and log in.
  • Click Logs in the top menu bar.

These options are available on the Logs page:

Full logs: Click Full logs to display the logs in its entirety. The size of logs being skipped is also displayed next to it.

Download Full Logs: Click Download Full Logs to download all logs as a zip file.

Log level: Select the desired log level to display. ALL will display complete logs.


The Upload EZ page is to upload EZ Client bits for Zoom Clients to install. It is discussed in the first time configuration post here.


The Settings page is to configure the EZ Updater. The options available are discussed in the first time configuration post here.


To register a new EZ Admin user, follow the instructions given here.


To reset the password:

  • Open EZ Web portal in any web browser.
  • Click Reset Password on the Login page.
  • Enter username.
  • Enter a new password and confirm it.
  • Enter the master password. Check for the master password from ez-updater.xml. To know more about the master password, check new user registration here