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Evolphin Zoom Updater (EzUpdater)

Evolphin Zoom Updater (referred to as EZ in this document) is an application to manage Zoom software (client or server) installation on the target machine.
EZ is capable of installing, updating and rollback of Zoom software. Once EZ is installed future upgrades can be automated and pushed out to all clients without human intervention.

EZ only supports Zoom builds released after Yangtze (v6.0 and above).
The current alpha release supports only EZ Linux server and EZ Mac client updaters.


The updates to Zoom clients & server builds can be remotely managed by one or more designated administrators. EZ is also designed to not expect all the Zoom installation machines to have to be connected to the internet. A single dedicated download server can manage the downloads from the Evolphin website if an enterprise setup requires such an arrangement.

  1. In order to install Zoom using EZ, please download and install the EzUpdater distribution from your support account or a link sent by the Evolphin Support team
  2. Download the relevant setup (*.pkg). E.g. “”
  3. Double click the downloaded pkg file.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. When the installation is finished a web browser page should open up on user screen. If it doesn’t please connect to URL https://localhost:5551
  6. The Login Screen should welcome the user:


    By default on first attempt, “Settings” page should open. If for some reason the “Settings” page is not displayed, click on “Settings” TAB on top menu bar.

  8. To manage EZ configuration, users will need to register themselves using the portal details given below. For each machine there has to be at least one user associated with the EZ operations. There can be more than one account associated with any machine.

    NOTE: Accounts created on one machine are not visible to other machines in the network.
  9. Click “Sign Up” on the Login screen with a password 6 character or more. User should be greeted by the following ”User Creation” screen:

  10. Open the XML file using any text editor to get the Master Password:

    MacOS: /Library/Application\ Support/EvolphinZoomUpdaterData/conf/ez-updater.xml

  11. Search for <masterPass> tag in the file and copy the master password into the Sign Up form:

    For example “e38bff1f29216b02d88e55a7075c8fe9” from the XML file.

  12.  Configure EzUpdater with a download URL such as http://<some hostname>:5551, please ask your IT admin if you don’t know the download server URL.


  13. Make sure to “Save” the above settings.
  14. Ensure you are installing the client software product. If this is the first time, scroll down to “Check for Updates”, click it and if new updates are available click on the “Install” button to start the first install. if you are up to date no updates are available right now message will appear.

  15. Click on the “Activities” menu button on the top toolbar to check the progress of the installation.