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Configurable auto-refresh interval in Adobe plugin

The status of the current project and the associated links is refreshed at regular intervals. By default, this interval is set to 5s. But from Zoom 6.0 on-wards, users can configure the status refresh interval.

For configuring the interval, add AUTO_REFRESH_INTERVAL_IN_PLUGIN property in


The time is specified in ‘seconds’. So, the above example indicates that the auto-refresh interval is set to 10s. If the entry is not in there in, then the interval is defaulted to 5s.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To stop status auto-refresh, set the AUTO_REFRESH_INTERVAL_IN_PLUGIN property to < 0
  • If the auto-refresh interval is set to < 5s, the interval defaults to 5s i.e. auto-refreshing in less than 5s is not allowed.
  • Before working with files with a huge no. of layers/links, increase the auto-refresh interval, or else the application may hang.
  • Don’t forget to Reload Zoom properties from the plugin after changing the auto-refresh interval.